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'Then and Now'
On display works by Irish artists James Malton, Grace Henry, George ae Russell, Edward Delaney, Sir William Orpen, David Hennessy and Jacinta Hughes.

Contemporary artists include Roman Opalka, Swoon, Arman, The Connor Brothers, Marcel Dzama and others.

From Thu. 16th April to Fri. 8th May
Unit 3
Harbour View, Crofton rd, Dun Laoghaire

'Then and Now' 'Then and Now' explores Irish art alongside European and American art from 200 years ago until now. The exhibition looks at the changing style of art from its native roots to the nomadic, crossover style of today. Lines are now blurred and art has followed rather than led the shaping of the modern world.

Today, contemporary artists display no signs of 'home' NOW as artists did back THEN.

Open 11.00-17.00
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