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Still Lives
Padraig McCaul
From Wed. 18th April to Sun. 22nd April
Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre
Castle Street, Dalkey
Phone: (01) 2858262

Still Lives Padraig McCaul’s new exhibition Still Lives is centred around a series of paintings where the buildings too are caught in limbo, devoid of any context. There is no landscape to which the houses belong, no sense of lives being lived. There is simply the house presented here as still life, representing Still Lives.

The remainder of the exhibition draws on the peaceful beauty of Achill Island and presents a different type of stillness. This time it is the stillness of island life, of old farmhouses seemingly untouched by the world of banks and bonds, framed by the landscapes they have become part of, and representing a different kind of still life – a more content, settled, peaceful one.
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