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John Fitzsimons
From Thu. 27th October to Thu. 10th November
Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Conversion "Conversion" is the first solo exhibition of the Dublin-based artist John Fitzsimons who graduated from the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Design, Art and Technology (IADT) with an honours diploma in fine art printmaking in 1995, and an honours degree in fine art in 2000.

His work as a painter is influenced by his involvement in print: using paint on paper (albeit canvas-like cotton paper) as a medium, John works with repetition a lot and employs paper to peel back layers of paint. John also finds that the process-based techniques of print making - sometimes seen as limiting by some - keep him grounded particularly with regard to colour and scale as is evident in the painting shown in this exhibition.

The exhibition is organised and curated by Olivier Cornet (Olliart).
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